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Bonecheck #3 - CVR D 1:25 Ratio - Camron Johnson


Bonecheck #3 CVR D by Camron Johnson

  • Bonecheck #3

  • CVR D 1:25 Ratio

  • Cover by Camron Johnson

  • Guaranteed 9.4-9.8

  • Shipping starts 2/28/23

(W/A/CA) Camron Johnson
After discovering the truth behind the missing townsfolk/demonic cultists and serving a notably oversized can of whoop-ass, the Midwest Marauder (along with his ol’ pal, Fitz) must rid the scene of incriminating evidence and (most importantly) get paid! Next round is on the Smiling Psychopath and his funny lil’ friend! Get this killer final issue of volume one!